• Performance


  • Solutions

    that customers can quickly implement

  • Ideas

    innovative for a quick return and high impact on your network

  • Listening

    and understanding of customer needs as the basis of precise and concrete solutions

Presentation of our company

GCL, is an international transport company supports and organizes the entire transport from start to finish and remains your sole contact.
GCL, transports all types of products: industrial product hazardous goods via parcels and personal effects. Individuals or professionals, our company will analyze your needs and provide relevant solutions.
Check below the list of sources / or destinations covered by our international companies:
- Europe
- Africa
- Middle and Far East
- China
- USA & Canada


– Air
– Maritime
– Land


– Storage
– Reconditioning
– Delivery
– Stuffing/Stripping


– Training
– Evenets
– Council


– Sorting and palletizing
– Labelling
– Commissioning and packaging
– Selecting the product range



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